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Hanut 19" Server Cabinets

19" racks designed specially for keeping rack mount servers and other active IT equipment.
  Key benefits of Hanut 19" server cabinets / server racks: extra depth, front to back server grade ventilation, integrated vertical cable channels, marked U-mounting heights, comprehensive range of server cabinet accessories and more...

Hulasi India: specialized 19" data center racks
with hex perforated doors and 2TS6 welded steel frame construction

19" Networking Racks
  Hanut India: Ex 19" networking racks are "value for money" racks having enhanced cable management features. Racks are available from 18U to 42U high models.  
2 post racks / open frame racks
  Hanut 2 post racks have superior strength, rigidity and weight bearing capacity. They ship fully assembled with floor bolting kit and equipment mounting hardware set thus enabling fast deployment.

Hanut open frame racks have been designed to enable systematic cable routing and power distribution.

  Industrial Enclosures / Electrical Panels
  The rugged and versatile Hanut India Industrial Enclosures are suitable for housing electrical, industrial automation, telecommunications and IT equipment. A wide range of accessories & options available.
  Outdoor enclosures [cabinets]
  Hanut India outdoor enclosures [cabinets] provide reliable and long term protection to installed IT, electrical, electronics and telecommunication equipment through rugged design and usage of high quality raw materials. Outdoor enclosures are being used by leading telecom operators in India like BSNL & Aircel.
Hanut 2@1 Wall-mount Cabinets
  Offer the benefits of double section cabinets @ the prices of single section cabinets.

Side doors allow clear access to the rear of the cabinet. Hanut 2@1 wall-mount cabinets enable you to keep more networking equipment in the cabinets.

DP boxes & CD Cabinets
  Hanut India offers Wall mount Distribution Point (DP) Boxes, Cable distribution (CD) cabinets, Back mount frames and related accessories for fixed line telecom applications. DP boxes and CD cabinets are available in standard and LL (long last) construction models.
Hanut ETSI / Telecom racks
  Hanut India now offers racks built as per ETSI telecom standard. ETSI racks are primarily used for housing telecommunication equipment. Hanut ETSI (telecom) racks are available in 300mm, 450mm and 600mm depths.

Hanut ETSI / telecom racks can be customized to fully meet customers' exact requirements.

Contract manufacturing
  Hanut India specializes in customized products manufacturing and contract fabrication of high precision sheet metal parts including customized enclosures, cable ladder, enclosure accessories, etc. Over a period of time company has built expertise in prototyping and new product development.

Please contact us with your customized sheet metal products' requirements.

Kiosk / Touch Screen Rack
  The Castle (tm) is an elegant steel touch screen rack / kiosk offered by Hanut India.

The kiosk accepts both CRT and LCD monitors

IP55 / IP65, 66, 67 rated Junction Boxes
  Hanut India offers a full range of  junction boxes and their accessories. Rain gutter profile, RoHS compliant finishing, full customization are some of the benefits offered by Hanut's junction boxes. Junction boxes with IP rating upto IP67 are NOW available with Hanut India. Also offered are Vent Plug / Breather for junction boxes.
19" swing frame rack
  The biggest benefit of 19" swing frame rack is the easy & quick access to rear of the equipment from the front of the main rack. In normal racks rear of the equipment is accessible from the back side of the main rack only and many a times due to space constraints & other reasons access to back side of the rack is difficult. pictures of 19" swing frame rack 
Display Stands
Hanut India offers a wide variety of display stands. Display stands made by Hulasi have been used to display & retail FMCG goods like LCD TVs, video cameras, microwaves, fridge etc.

Control Desk and Opeartor Consoles
  Hanut India offers a number of control desk and operator console models. In one of the model the monitor is placed on the top of the control station. The computer , keyboard and other equipment are placed inside the control desk.
Hulasi ACDB LT
                                                panel India 2500A ACB
ACDB, DCDB and LT distribution panels
Hulasi offers customized low voltage 415V and 800V AC distribution panels, LT panels and 48V, 110V, 220V DC distribution panels in India for Indoor and Outdoor installations.

Hulasi has provided a 2500A capacity AC combiner [ACCB] panel for a MW scale solar power plant in Rajasthan. Panel is having a 2500A ACB and 10 input MCCBs of 250A each.

Hulasi has type test certificate from CPRI Bhopal for 2000A LT panel as per IS 8623 and IS / IEC 61439 short circuit withstand 50kA/1sec certificate from ERDA Baroda.

Solutions for solar photovoltaic plants
  Hulasi offers enclosures and integrated sub systems like PV string disconnector boxes also called array / combiner junction boxes, and main junction boxes, Stands for mounting solar PV modules, ACDB, ACCB, DCDB for photovoltic PV plants in India.

[NEW] 800V solar inverter output combiner boxes ACCB 

CMRI certified industrial purge panels with Purging and Pressurization
Hulasi India offers panels with Y and Z types of pressurization for use in hazardous locations.
[NEW] X type purge controller and enclosure protection vents are now available.

Dust proof panels : special type of purge panels
Panels ideally suited for industrial applications [non hazardous locations only] where equipment, motor, control devices  etc. need to be protected from constant dust, moisture, fumes etc.

Products specially for Indian Railways

Automatic 3 Phase Sequence Correction Panel [APSC Panel]
Hulasi make 3 phase Automatic Phase Sequence Corrector (APSC) Panel provides comprehensive  production against  incorrect phase sequence, voltage unbalancing, phase failure, under and over voltages.

Also offered are 3 phase equipment /motor protection relay panels

Customized DC 48V fan trays with fan failure alarm card

Signboards & structures for signboards

Automatic Power Factor Correction Panel [APFC Panel]
Hanut India's APFC panels help customers in maintaining near unity power factor in their establishments even under varing load conditions. Investment in APFC panel is a very SMART decision with very high rate of return.

Real time / Dynamic / Thyristor switched APFC panels.

[new] next generation Hybrid APFC panels with SVC [static VAR controllers]

Panels for energy metering [metering panels]: with panel meters, test terminal blocks, LEDs, protection relays, fuses, bus bars etc. installed and completely wired. Hanut India can supply bare metering panels also.

Fully automatic star delta motor starter panels
Hanut India offers Fully automatic star delta motor starter panels. Star delta motor starter panels are well suited for motors requiring low starting torques.

Hulasi now offers
PoE cabinets for use with Wi Fi AP units / IP CCTV cameras.

Heavy Duty pole mounting kit for wi fi access points & routers
See information on robust pole & wall mounting kit for installing wi fi access points / routers etc outdoors.

ISO 9001: 2015 Quality Assurance: Peace of Mind

Hanut India products are manufactured by Hulasi Metals Pvt. Ltd., India an ISO 9001: 2015
certified manufacturing company.

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