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  dust protected
                                              flap cover for HMI
Hanut India offers flap cover for HMI displays / meters & control panel equipment's front faces.

Flap covers provide up to IP55 level of protection from dust & water to the covered HMI displays and/or control panel equipment's front faces.

Flap covers also prevent unauthorized access to these critical equipment.

HMI Flap covers are available in metallic and transparent polycarbonate top covers.
 Industrial cable drum
                                              with plugs & sockets

Industrial cable extension reel drum

sample configuration:
3C x 4sq mm cable - 20meters
32A 3pin plug
16A 3pin schuko sockets - 2
6A 3pin universal sockets - 2

note: In our industrial cable extension drums all sockets and MCBs / RCBOs are covered by hinged flaps for protection against dust & water entry. This makes Hulasi India's industrial cable extension drums more apt for outdoor installation or installation in dust environment.

Hanut India fiber
                                              cable loop storage box

fiber cable storage box [fiber cable loop box]

Hanut India's fiber cable storage box [fiber cable loop box] can be customized for indoor use [IP21] and outdoor use [up to IP55]. rubber cushion is provided on the loops to give smooth looping of the fiber optics cables. Cable entry and exit is through cable entry glands plates at the bottom.
 export quality fire
                                                safety cabinets India

custom fabricated export quality fire safety cabinets in Stainless Steel with recessed handle, continuous hinge etc.

hose reel, fire extinguishers & other fire safety equipment can be kept in these custom fabricated export quality fire safety cabinets.

hose reel, fire extinguishers & other fire safety equipment are not in Hanut India's scope. 

metering cabinet for

For small apartment buildings Hulasi offers
7 & 9 meter metering cabinet.

There is one master MCCB and 7 or 9  pole mcbs [one each for individual flat]. There is separate compartment for energy meter for each flat [apartment] of the building.

stainless steel and mild steel locker cabinets by Hulasi Metals, Jaipur

Hulasi offers customized lockers for staff, students, workers, health care workers,...in SS304, steel.

hulasi india staff
                                              locker picture enclosure
Hulasi India staff
                                              locker cabinet picture

Hulasi offer customized metal enclosures for Lithium Ion battery packs

battery enclosure
                                              hulasi lithium 100Ah

Hulasi offers advanced industrial grade tank / slump liquid level control stations LCP with single / dual pumps with industrial float / conductivity type level switches. The level control station can be operated in AUTO and Manual modes. Digital motor [pump] protection relay is provided. LCP = Level Control Panels are suitable for indoor and outdoor installations. For outdoor usage, the dual door type liquid level control station is recommended. Control panels manufactured by Hulasi are very rugged and dependable and have been deployed in leading industries like NTPC.

Hanut India can customize these products as per your requirements.

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