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Server Cabinets : frequently asked questions

  Q.1 Why Server cabinet? What are the benefits of server cabinet? Please justify that I should buy a server cabinet for my servers?
  Q.2 What are the essential qualities of a server cabinet? Give me a checklist to compare Hanut “Extra-Deep” server cabinet with other enclosure in the market. How does Hanut compare with its competitors?
  Q.3 What is the benefit of Extra-Depth? Why do you need the Extra-Depth?
  Q.4 Why do you need front to back computer server grade ventilation in server cabinets / server racks? Is ventilation from side panels ok?
  Q.5 What are the benefits of Integrated vertical cable channels?
  Q.6 Hanut’s vertical mounting rails (uprights) are L-shaped. Are L shaped uprights common or rare in server cabinets?
  Q.7 Hulasi offers a comprehensive range of accessories for server cabinets / server racks. So what?
  Q.8 Compatibility issue: Server cabinet accessories and rack mountable servers.
  Q.9 What is the advantage of short rear door as compared full length rear door?
  Q.10 Is the Anti-earth quake kit essential?
  Q.11 Ventilation: I am ordering roof mount exhaust fan kit. Should I be concerned about front to back server grade ventilation in server cabinet / server rack?
  Q.12 Ventilation: Why we recommend fully vented "airmax" front doors over glass front door? Why we don't recommend glass front door?
  Q.13 Ventilation: About Hanut's "airmax" front and rear doors.
  Q.14 Why does Hulasi recommend leveling feet? Why Hulasi does not recommend castors for server cabinets?
  Q.15 What are the advantages of the Baying capability of Hanut Server Cabinets?
Save Rs. 5000 or more when you buy 2nd, 3rd, … Hanut server cabinet. How?
2@1 Wall mount Cabinets: frequently asked questions
  Q.1 Does Hanut India offer true double section wall mount cabinets besides its 2@1 single section wall mount cabinets?
  Q.2 In Hanut 2@1 wall mount cabinets there is no provision for mounting power supply unit on the 19" channel. Why? We presume it has to be fixed on the rear wall where the rack is mounted?
EPS12V power supplies : frequently asked questions
  Q.1 From where can I get Intel SSI technical specifications for EPS12V power supplies?
  Q.2 From where can I get Intel SSI technical specifications for ERP12V redundant power supplies?
  Q.3 Compare EPS12V power supplies with ATX12V power supplies.
  Q.4 Can EPS12V power supplies be used to power motherboards for AMD processors?
  Q.5 Can EPS12V power supplies be used to power motherboards requiring ATX12V power supplies?
General Questions: frequently asked questions
  Q.1 Other factors that you should take into account while making your decision?
  Q.2 Delivery
  Q.3 Terms & Conditions
  Q.4 Tell me briefly about Hulasi Metals Pvt. Ltd. (HMPL)

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