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Server Cabinets
  What are the essential qualities of a server rack? Give me a checklist to compare Hanut server racks with other server racks available in the market. How does Hanut server racks compare with its competitors?
  Q.1 Why Server cabinet? What are the benefits of server cabinet? Please justify that I should buy a server cabinet for my servers?
  Ans. If you are starting to run out of room and want to move up to a "real" computer room environment, you should explore rack mounting.

It may seem hard to justify spending thousands of dollars on inert pieces of metal, but trust me, it's worth it.

Comment by Mr. Eric Pearce in his article: Rack'em and Stack'em. Full article is available at O'Reilly system & network administration webpage.

The IT function is becoming more and more important in business organizations worldwide. So it is necessary to keep the servers and other IT hardware in a consolidated, systematic and secure manner.

Server cabinets like Hanut “Extra-Deep” server cabinets provide physical security and prevents unauthorized access to critical IT equipment. Server cabinets significantly improve space utilization and cable management.

Server cabinets enhance the:
    Reliable functioning of servers and other important IT hardware.
    Server cabinets are a smart and worthwhile investment.
  Q.2 What are the essential qualities of a server cabinet? Give me a checklist to compare Hanut “Extra-Deep” server cabinet with other enclosure in the market. How does Hanut compare with its competitors?
Factor / Feature Hanut Others Others
Extra-Depth Yes    
Front-to-back server grade ventilation Yes    
Integrated vertical cable channels Yes    
Comprehensive range of accessories Yes    
Special anti-earth quake accessory kit Yes    
Durable textured polyester powder coat finish Yes    
Individually marked U heights Yes    
Ships fully assembled Yes    
Short rear door Yes    
Baying / Coupling capability Yes    
Provision for extra - stability (stabilization plate and ballast kit) Yes    
Quality Assurance
ISO 9002 Quality System
Toll-free FAX number 1-600-211405    
Secure, fast & convenient ordering system Yes    
Technical Consultation Yes    
    Why these factors / features are important?
    Get Server Cabinet buying guide with explanation. (HTML format) (PDF format)
  Q.3 What is the benefit of Extra-Depth? Why do you need the Extra-Depth?
  Ans. The 800 mm deep cabinets are outdated / not suitable for housing rack mount servers and many other active IT hardware.

Servers in general and rack-mountable servers in particular are becoming slimmer and deeper. The 800mm deep cabinets already do not meet the depth requirements of many rack mount servers. For instance: Sun recommends 36" (900 mm) deep rack cabinets for its E2220R and E420R enterprise servers, H-P’s popular rack optimized server Netserver 6000r is over 800mm deep and Dell’s VERSARails, which are required for mounting Dell’s rack-mount servers, require enclosure to be least 880mm deep.

"We use 900mm deep racks, the IBM Servers require the depth for two reasons - the servers are really long, and the cable management and slide rails protrude beyond
the end of the server.

We have just been through the pain of developing a racking standard - and 900 is what we decided on. :-)"

A comment posted on mailing list SAGE-AU.

An overwhelming majority of server cabinets available in USA are 900mm or more deep. Server cabinets like Compaq 9000 series universal racks, Acer Altos series racks, APC NetShelter enclosures, Dell PowerEdge series racks etc. are all 900mm or more deep.

The greater overall depth (900mm or more vs 800 mm or less) in a server cabinet allows more space in front and rear for routing cables thus enhancing cable management.

Go for Hanut "Extra-Deep" server cabinets to protect your investment.
  Q.4 Why do you need front to back computer server grade ventilation in server cabinets / server racks? Is ventilation from side panels ok?
  Ans. To dissipate heat, rack mount servers suck air from the their front and exhaust hot air from their rear. Therefore front to back computer server grade ventilation is a must in all server cabinets. Premium server cabinets like Compaq 9000 series universal racks, Acer Altos series racks, APC NetShelter enclosures, Dell PowerEdge series racks etc. all have this type of ventilation.

Ventilation from side panels as provided by some cabinet manufacturers in India in place of front to back ventilation is inadequate and unsuitable for rack mount servers. This type of ventilation is also not adaptable to multi-bay configuration where two or more server cabinets are coupled side by side.
Front to back computer server grade ventilation is not an optional feature but a must have feature in a server cabinet.

For technical detail please read our note:
Importance of front to back server grade ventilation in server cabinets
( front to back ventilation.pdf <176 kb>)
  Q.5 What are the benefits of Integrated vertical cable channels?
  Ans. Integrated vertical cable channels offer two main benefits over ordinary vertical cable managers.
Firstly, they save customers money. With four integrated vertical cable channels available for routing power and data cables in the Hanut server cabinets, there is no need for customers to buy separate vertical cable managers, in most installations.
Secondly, integrated cable channels take substantially less of server cabinet space in comparison to vertical cable managers, meaning more space for equipment and less clutter in the server cabinet
  Q.6 Hanut’s vertical mounting rails (uprights) are L-shaped. Are L shaped uprights common or rare in server cabinets?
  Ans. L-shaped vertical mounting rails / uprights are the most common. L-shaped uprights offer the least possible interference to rails of servers and other rack-mountable hardware. ?- and C-shaped uprights are not common.

19" mounting holes are either round or square. Square holes are better than round holes. They can mount equipment with round hole mounting provision easily. The reverse is generally not true. Hanut's 19" mounting holes are SQUARE.

L-shaped mounting rails and square mounting holes are two of the many design features of Hanut that allow it to accommodate a wider range of rack mountable equipment.

  Q.7 Hulasi offers a comprehensive range of accessories for server cabinets / server racks. So what?
  Ans. Accessories supplement the server cabinet in enhancing the security, serviceability, manageability and reliability of mounted servers and other IT hardware. In addition to all commonly required accessories like shelves, power distribution unit etc., Hulasi offers many special accessories e.g. – anti-earthquake kit, KVM / console switch etc. to best meet its customers’ requirements.

Hulasi is committed to offering improved and/or new accessories.



Compatibility issue: Server cabinet accessories and rack mountable servers.
  Ans. Hanut server cabinet accessories have been designed for 900mm depth to ensure full compatibility with rack mountable servers.

Most rack mountable servers require that the front and rear 19" mounting rails be at least 28" (711mm) apart.
But accessories designed for 800mm depth mount when the front and rear mounting rails are approximately 24" (610mm) apart. è Problem. Compatibility issue.

Hanut server cabinet accessories mount at approximately 28.5" (724mm). è Compatible mounting with rack mount servers. No problem.

Are others offering you accessories that are designed for 900mm depth or outdated 800mm depth?

  Q.9 What is the advantage of short rear door as compared to full length rear door?
  Ans. Short rear door in place of standard full-length rear door further simplifies cable routing to and from the server cabinet. Cable routing through short rear door is easier in comparison to cable routing through the base.

In a cabinet with full length rear door cables have to be routed through the base of the cabinet. Because of insufficient space between the base and the floor cabinets often have to be placed on a raised platform. Constructing raised platform takes time and money.

With cables routed through the gap between the short rear door and cabinet's bottom there is no need to put the server cabinet on a raised platform.==> A major saving of money and time!

Short rear door is another "easy to use" feature of Hanut Server Cabinets – the preferred cabinets for rack mount servers.

  Q.10 Is Anti-earth quake kit essential?
  Ans. No. It's recommended for extra protection as a part of disaster management / prevention plan.
  Q.11 Ventilation: I am ordering roof mount exhaust fan kit. Should I be concerned about front to back server grade ventilation?
  Ans. Roof mount exhaust fans are certainly helpful in thermal management But they are not / can't be substitute for server grade front to back ventilation (via perforated front and rear doors)

In an enclosure with server grade front to back ventilation roof mount exhaust fans are not needed so buy an enclosure with proper front to back ventilation.

  Q.12 Ventilation: Why we recommend fully vented "airmax" front doors over glass front door? Why we don't recommend glass front door?

  Ans. Hanut "Extra-Deep" server cabinets have been especially designed for rack mountable servers. Rack mountable servers require adequate front to back airflow for heat dissipation.
Hanut's fully vented front and rear steel doors with 64% vent space * allow server grade front to rear airflow.

Front door with glass cannot provide sufficient open area for front to back server grade ventilation. Therefore we recommend fully vented steel doors for Haunt server cabinet.

* in the central portions.

  Q.13 Ventilation: About Hanut's "airmax" front and rear doors
  Ans. Hanut's front and rear doors are designed to provide front to rear server grade ventilation. Both the doors have been designed to offer 64% vent space in the central portions.

Doors with uniform (throughout) 64% vent space are better than this design only from ventilation point of view. But when we compare increase in cost and incremental benefit of these uniform 64% vent space doors with Hanut's "airmax" doors we find that Hanut's "airmax" doors offer better value for money.

Vent space in the central portion of the doors is much more useful and effective than vent space in the side portions. This is because air intake and exhaust fans of rack mount servers and other active IT hardware are in the central portion. In other words, high vent space in the side portion of the doors improves airflow only marginally.

Hanut's "airmax" doors offer better value for money

  Q.14 Why does Hulasi recommend leveling feet? Why Hulasi does not recommend castors for server cabinets?
  Ans. A server cabinet on leveling feet is significantly more stable i.e. has significantly less possibility of tipping over or moving from its location than a server cabinet on castors.
So Hulasi strongly recommends leveling feet with its server cabinets and not castors.
A comment posted in [SAGE-AU] mailing list

"Some racks come with rollers on the bottom... I'm still not sure _why_ the manufacturers do this. I usually unbolt them and toss them in the bin because I don't want my rack rolling around the machine room".

[SAGE-AU] Racks

  Q.15 What are the advantages of the Baying capability of Hanut Server Cabinets?
Save Rs. 5000 or more when you buy 2nd, 3rd, … Hanut server cabinet. How?
  Ans. Yes. When you buy 2nd, 3rd, … Hanut server cabinet you can save Rs. 5000 or more per cabinet thanks to baying / coupling capability of Hanut server cabinets.

Each individually kept server cabinet requires two side panels. But in multi-cabinet configuration, where two or more Hanut server cabinets are kept together, only two side panels (one at each end) are required.

No. of enclosures coupled together Saving (no. of side panels Saving (in Rs.) assume 1 side panel = Rs. 2500/=
2 2 5,000
3 4 10,000
4 6 15,000
5 8 20,000
      Another benefit of baying: Cabinets kept in multi-cabinet configuration are much more stable than individually kept server cabinets.

Hanut server cabinets are ready for baying.

But my company is buying only 1 server cabinet. There is no saving. Why should I care about baying capability and associated savings?

May be today your organization needs only one server cabinet. But as your organization and its IT infrastructure grows it will probably need more server cabinets. At that time it can enjoy huge savings thanks to baying / coupling capability of Hanut server cabinets.

Baying / coupling capability is a valuable option. Keep this option.

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