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2@1 Wallmount Cabinets
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  Q.1 Does Hanut India offer true double section wall mount cabinets besides its 2@1 single section wall mount cabinets?
  Ans. IYes. Hanut India offers true double section wall mount cabinets in addition to its unique 2@1 single section wall mount cabinets.
Hanut India also offers an economy range of single section wall mount racks.

Double section 19" wall mount cabinets

Economy single body wall mount cabinets

  Q.2 In Hanut 2@1 wall mount cabinets there is no provision for mounting power supply unit on the 19" channel. Why? We presume it has to be fixed on the rear wall where the rack is mounted?
  Ans. We have purposefully not given power unit on the wall mount cabinet's 19 inch channel as in this configuration effective depth of the cabinet is significantly reduced.

Power unit mounted on the 19" channel will create problems when any deep equipment e.g. hub or switch is placed inside the cabinet.

Try to visualize. Power unit itself is (approx.) 40mm thick. To this add the height of the power plugs which will go into the power unit sockets. Total become more than 120mm (12cm).

Our power supply unit for Hanut 2@1 wall mounts cabinets can be fixed on the rear wall or kept on the cabinet's bottom. The unit provides 6 sockets 1100W 5A rated capacity, over current protection, has a master on off switch with indicator. Not to forget the great looks and shock proof plastic body.

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