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Real time ultra fast APFC panel
Hanut India: Real Time APFC Panels
[Panels for Automatic Correction & control of
Power Factor]

Conventional contractor operated power factor correction panels [APFC panels] are technically unsuitable for premises having fast changing loads like power presses, injection moulding machines, welding machines, lifts, cranes, rolling mills, air compressors etc.

Since fast changing loads are becoming more and more common in industrial and commercial establishments Hanut India has introduced Real time / Dynamic / Thyristor switched APFC panels.

Hanut India's Real time / Dynamic / Thyristor switched Automatic Power Factor Correction panels are ideally suited for maintaining near unity power factor in large premises having  fast changing loads.

Benefits of  Real time / Dynamic / Thyristor switched Automatic Power Factor Correction panels

>>> Very fast / real time response to changing loads. Response time less than 1 sec. Due to very fast capacitor bank operation maintaining PF close to unity is possible. Customer can then avail up to 5% incentive on monthly electricity bill offered by most state electricity boards.

Contractor operated/ std.  APFC panel respond to changing loads in a sluggish / delayed manner. Typical response time is 45 to 60 seconds. Due to slow response these panels are unable to maintain PF close to unity. Customer un able to avail the incentive. 

>>> Soft / solid state switching of the capacitors by the thyristor modules eliminate the high inrush currents and voltage sags produced in std. APFC panels. Elimination of high inrush currents and voltage sags is beneficial for the electrical equipment on the premises. Due to this soft switching the life of power capacitors is 3 to 4 times more than in std. APFC panels.

std. APFC panels generate unhealthy high inrush currents and voltage sags during electro mechanical switching of the capacitor banks. These put severe stress on the contractors and the capacitor leading to their frequent failures / reduced service lives.

>>> Std. APFC panels cannot be used when the facility is running on back up DG set. So power factor is virtually uncontrolled when the plant is running on DG set. Specially programmed Real time APFC panels can remain in line even when the facility is running on back up DG set. Here PF is maintained close to 1 even when DG set is running.

>>> Real time / Dynamic / Thyristor switched Automatic Power Factor Correction panels are low maintance and high up time products. Where as due to frequent failures of contractors and the capacitors customer has to suffer high maintance costs and poor up time when std. APFC panels are used in locations with fast changing loads.


  Features of Hanut India's Real Time APFC panel

* The RT-APFC relay uses intelligent switching algorithm to reduce the number of capacitor bank switching operations required to attain the required KVAR.

* The intelligent switching algorithm of the power factor control relay also uses the capacitor banks evenly thereby allowing uniform aging of the capacitors.

* The RT-APFC panel is liberally sized. This allows for systematic placement of the components and easy maintenance in future. Panel is designed for indoor use. It is IP41 rated with forced cooling.

* To prevent tampering with the setting of the RT-APFC relay a secondary glass door with sealing knob is provided to cover the relay.

* A system is as good as the components it is made from. Hanut India uses only branded & high quality components in its APFC relay panels. For example APFC relay are from : EPCOS / Schneider / Neptune & power factor correction capacitors are:  Heavy duty models of EPCOS / Schneider / L&T make.

* Thermal management: High temperature is detrimental to the performance and service life of the power factor correction capacitors. To protect power factor correction capacitors from high temperature they are optimally placed at the bottom of the cabinet with liberal spacing between the banks. Also one or two AC 220V operated exhaust fans are provided in the capacitor bank section to throw out the heat.

* Safety of the electrical equipment and of the maintenance staff have been given top priority while designing and building the APFC panel. Capacitor manufacturers installation instructions are followed. The power factor correction capacitors are mounted on a properly earthed stainless steel platform. An instruction manual for proper usage is supplied with the RT-APFC panel.

* Descriptive alarms: RT-APFC panel generates visual alarms for faults [over & under compensation, over & under voltage, high THD harmonics in the supply] so that faults can be attended to before serious damage can take place. Additional 'alarm becon' can be provided on top of the APFC panel to draw the attention of maintenance staff quickly.


Standard models / technical specifications

RT-APFC Panel Models

Model rating

capacitor bank kVAr
5 x 1, 10 x 1, 20 x2
10 x 2, 20 x 4
12.5 x 2, 25 x 1, 50 x 3

capacitor bank operation steps
11 in steps of 5kVAr
10 in steps of  10kVAr 16 in steps of 12.5kVAr
incomer MCCB rating

System voltage: 3 phase 415V -15% to +10%
Frequency: 50Hz +/- 3%
capacitor bank ON indication: by indicating lamp in the thyristor module and/or indication in RT-APFC relay
panel type: Indoor. Floor standing. IP41 level of protection against dust and water entry.
recommended operating temperature < 45 degree C

Options / optional accessories for Real Time APFC panel
* Thermostat for control of the exhaust fan
* Alarm Becon
* Unit for PF logging and USB port for connectivity with PC
* Detuned capacitor banks [additional harmonic filter reactors] for locations with high harmonics
* relay for remote alarm communication                                                                                                  TOP

Like with its other products Hanut India can customize its PFC panels to meet the customer's / site's exact requirements.

For locations with slow changing loads Standard contractor operated APFC panels are also available. 

Real Time APFC Panel Pictures



Ever since installing the
Real time / Dynamic / Thyristor switched Automatic Power Factor Correction panel in our own factory we are getting regular rebate in our monthly electricity bill. This is in addition to other benefits provided by the APFC panel. APFC panel is indeed a smart investment.

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