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Hanut India: APFC Panels [Panels for Automatic Correction & control of Power Factor]

                                              Panel by Hanut India


Hanut India offers panels for automatic correction and control of power factor.

Hanut India's APFC panels help customers in maintaining near unity power factor in their establishments even under varing load conditions.

Investment in APFC panel is a very SMART decision with very high rate of return.

APFC panel protects the customer from poor power factor and associated problems.

Poor power factor leads to following problems:
Excessive kVA demand for a given kW load resulting in higher electricity bill
penalty from the state electricity board
high line currents resulting in high ohmic losses
excessive voltage drops and voltage fluctuation harming the equipment and reducing their efficiency

It is true that a properly designed APFC panel pays back for itself in a very short time span.
  Features of Hanut India's APFC panel

* The APFC relay uses intelligent switching algorithm to reduce the number of capacitor bank switching operations required to attain the required KVAR.

* The intelligent switching algorithm of the power factor control relay also uses the capacitor banks evenly thereby allowing uniform aging of the capacitors and the contractors.

* APFC relay gives the facility to operate the panel in manual mode in case of special circumstances.

* The APFC panel is liberally sized. This allows for systematic placement of the components and easy maintenance in future. Panel is designed for indoor use. It is IP41 rated with forced cooling.

* To prevent tampering with the setting of the APFC relay a secondary glass door with sealing knob is provided to cover the relay.

* A system is as good as the components it is made from. Hanut India uses only branded & high quality components in its APFC relay panels. For example

APFC relay are from : EPCOS / Schneider / HPL
Capacitor duty contractors [with inrush current limiting circuit] are from: EPCOS / Schneider / Eaton
Power factor correction capacitors are:  Heavy duty models of EPCOS / Schneider

* Thermal management: High temperature is detrimental to the performance and service life of the power factor correction capacitors. To protect power factor correction capacitors from high temperature they are optimally placed at the bottom of the cabinet with liberal spacing between the banks. Also one AC 220V operated exhaust fan is provided in the capacitor bank section to throw out the heat.

* Safety of the electrical equipment and of the maintenance staff have been given top priority while designing and building the APFC panel. Capacitor manufacturers installation instructions are followed. The power factor correction capacitors are mounted on a properly earthed stainless steel platform. An instruction manual for proper usage is supplied with the APFC panel. Contractors, MCBs etc. of recommened ratings are provided. 

* Descriptive alarms: APFC panel generates visual alarms for faults [over & under compensation, over & under voltage, high THD harmonics in the supply] so that faults can be attended to before serious damage can take place. Additional 'alarm becon' can be provided on top of the APFC panel to draw the attention of maintenance staff quickly.

Standard models / technical specifications

APFC Panel Model

Model rating

capacitor bank kVAr
5 x 1, 10 x 1, 20 x2
10 x 2, 20 x 4
12.5 x 2, 25 x 1, 50 x 3

capacitor bank operation steps
11 in steps of 5kVAr
10 in steps of  10kVAr 16 in steps of 12.5kVAr
incomer MCCB rating

System voltage: 3 phase 415V -15% to +10%
Frequency: 50Hz +/- 3%
capacitor bank short circuit protection: via MCB
capacitor bank ON indication: by indicating lamps and indication in APFC relay
capacitor bank auto / manual selection: through APFC relay programming only
panel type: Indoor. Floor standing. IP41 level of protection against dust and water entry.
recommended operating temperature < 45 degree C

Options / optional accessories
* Thermostat for control of the exhaust fan
* Alarm Becon
* Unit for PF logging and USB port for connectivity with PC
* Detuned capacitor banks [additional harmonic filter reactors] for locations with high harmonics
* Reactor units for fast discharging of capacitor banks
* relay for remote alarm communication

Like with its other products Hanut India can customize its PFC panels to meet the customer's / site's exact requirements.

Dynamic APFC panels with thyristor based fast switching of capacitor banks is also available. 

APFC panels with detuned reactors [harmonic filters] are also manufactured by Hanut India. 

APFC Panel Pictures


                                              CORRECTION PANEL PICTURES    

APFC panel pictures
                                              Hanut India  apfc PANEL internal
                                              view Hanut India 

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