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Array Junction Box
  Array Junction Box
 array junction box
                                              with string monitoring
                                              module India
                                                      junction box
                                                      PV plant India       



Hanut India : Solar products
Hulasi offers enclosures and integrated sub systems like PV string disconnector boxes, array / combiner junction boxes, main junction boxes, ACDB, DCDB for photovoltaic PV application in India. 

Array Junction Boxes [AJB], also referred to as solar PV generator junction boxes and combiner boxes, basically collect DC power from [generally 4 to 16] PV strings. Collected power is then transferred either directly or through a main junction box [MJB] to power inverter. The Power inverter converts the DC power to AC which after metering is used for captive consuption [off grid application] or supplied [sold] to the grid.

Hanut India can fully customize the PV generator junction boxes to meet customers' special requirements.

Use this form to specify your Array Junction Box Configuration so that Hanut India can send its offer to you.

Array junction boxes by Hanut India are installed in several MW size solar PV power plants and also in telecom tower based solar PV projects.

Direct & Indirect customers include Lanco Solar, Kirloskar Limited, Moser Baer, ACME, Tata Power, Eicher Engines [Tafe Motors], L&T Mumbai, Hero Future Energies [40MW project in Rajasthan], Genus, ...

2020 Jan: Order received for supply of ACDB panel for a 2MW solar pv project.

Hanut India offers "off the shelf" / "ready stock" array junction boxes, DCDBs, ACDBs, SPD boxes for DC side and SPD boxes for AC side for small solar PV power plants. Customer can quickly install these products. Hanut India can customize these solar power plant building blocks as per customer's instructions [if required].

"ready stock" array junction boxes for plant with thin film solar PV modules

"ready stock" array junction boxes for plant with crystalline solar PV modules                         

"ready stock" DCDB Solar DCDB

"ready stock" SPD for protection of the DC side of solar PV power plant

"ready stock" SPD for protection of the AC side of solar PV power plant

"ready stock" ACDB withOUT GRID backup

"ready stock" ACDB WITH GRID backup

Hanut India Array Junction Boxes for
                                                Solar PV panels

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Hanut India also provides

Array Junction Boxes with wireless string monitoring module

Array Junction Boxes with MC4 compatible string connectors

Customized stands for solar PV modules and frames for solar PV modules.

Main Junction Boxes [MJB]

Stands for mounting solar PV modules

DCDB [with optional multi channel DC energy meter]

Battery Protection Panel

Solar pv ACDB is installed immediately after the solar pv inverter.
Hulasi offer several purpose built ACDBs like ACDB for tied inverter, ACDB for off grid inverter,....
Features & options available in solar ACDB include class 1, class 0.5S solar NET energy meter, multi function meter, earth fault protection unit, IP protection rating from IP21 to IP65 levels, AC SPD class B, SPD class B+C, ON change over switch, etc....

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We use high quality solar NET [bi-directional] energy meters of Genus, Secure Meters & Schneider makes and 0.5 class CTs of Powermat / AE / Equivalent makes. Several states in India like Rajasthan, AP, TN, Maharashtra,... have allowed net metering and have formulated policies for net metering for grid tied solar PV installations. Net metering will promote commercial roof top solar pv installations in India. It makes roof top solar pv installations financially very attractive.

Battery protection
                                              panel         battery protection
                                              panel  Array junction box
                                              with MC4 type connectors
Battery Protection panel

Battery Protection panel
Solar combiner junction box with MC4 compatible connectors
 ACDB with change over


ACDB with change over switch


array junction box
main junction box
                                              solar hanut india

    ACCB AC combiner box
Large sized AJB with 80A dis connector

Main Junction Box with 8 x 80A DC Inputs


One of the company's director is a member of Solar Energy Society of India. He has also attended a 4 day solar technical workshop organized by Gujarat Energy research & Management institute.  Go to TOP

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