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Hanut India : Solar Inverter output combiner boxes

Solar ACCB [AC combiner Box] are also called inverter combiner panel.

Solar ACCB [AC combiner Box] are used in large solar PV power plants where there are several solar power inverters. ACCBs have one MCCB for each inverter and one master MCCB at the outgoing side. Combined output from the AC combiner panel is normally sent to the step up power transformer for feeding to the grid at 11 /33 / 66 / 132 kV level.

Hulasi has supplied small ACCBs with master MCCB of 100A to large ACCBs with master ACBs of 2500A rating.

We are pleased to share that Hulasi has bagged its first order for 800V solar AC combiner panels.

The 800V solar AC combiner panels will be deployed in MW level solar PV plants in Bikaner, Rajasthan.

The 800V solar AC combiner boxes are becoming popular along with 1500V DC inverters as solar power transmission at higher voltage [800V v/s 400V] significantly reduces the power losses and also the installation costs.

Hulasi is one of the few companies in India to offer solar AC combiner panels for outdoor installations with IP65 level of dust and water protection. We have IP65 type test certification from ERDA Vadodara.

Hulasi offers enclosures and integrated sub systems like PV string disconnector boxes, array / combiner junction boxes AJB, main junction boxes MJB, ACDB, DCDB for photovoltaic PV applications in India.  Details

Hulasi has provided 2500A capacity AC combiner [ACCB] panels for a MW scale solar power plant in Rajasthan. ACCB Panels are having 2500A ACBs and 10 input MCCBs of 250A each.

 solar ACCB 800V

solar 800V inverter
                                              combiner panel

ACCB India outdoor
                                              India solar 800V

<== Pictures of 800V outdoor AC combiner panels.

In comparison with std 415V solar panels these 800V inverter combiner boxes manufactured by Hulasi India are provided with extra clearance and creepage distances. Also switchgears like MCCBs and ACBs used are all rated for 800V operation.

Pictures of 415V outdoor double door AC combiner boxes are here.

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