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42U Server Rack with "Airmax" door

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Key Features of Hanut "Airmax" Server Racks
  Hanut server racks provide greater overall depth (900mm and 1000mm), which allows more space in front and rear for cable routing thus enhancing cable management inside the racks.
Because of their extra-depth the Hanut server racks are ready for even the deepest servers. 800 mm deep racks are not for rack-mount servers.
Front to back computer server grade ventilation 
  To dissipate heat, rack mount servers suck air from their front and exhaust hot air from their rear. Therefore front to back computer server grade ventilation is a must in all server racks. Hanut's 'Airmax' front and rear doors have large% of vent area for effective heat dissipation. Premium server racks like Compaq 9000 series universal racks, Acer Altos series racks, APC NetShelter enclosures, Dell PowerEdge series racks etc. all have this type of ventilation.
Ventilation from side panels as provided by some rack manufacturers in India in place of front to back ventilation is inadequate and unsuitable for rack mount servers. This type of ventilation is also not adaptable to multi-bay configuration where two or more server racks are coupled side by side.

Front to back computer server grade ventilation is not an optional feature but a must have feature in server racks.
Hanut server racks have welded rock solid construction and feel
Hanut 19" server rack basic frame is made from 2mm MS steel and is MIG welded for rock solid strength and rigidity. Hanut 19� server racks are exceptionally strong and rigid.
Lockable doors and side panels of Hanut server racks
Provide physical security and help prevent unauthorized access to critical IT equipment.
Hanut server racks ship fully assembled
No need to learn mechanical engineering and spending hours (Yek!) putting the server racks together.
[NEW] Hanut Server racks with SPLIT doors
In comparison to single section doors Hanut India Split doors save significant valuable space. To know more please see web-page Presenting Hanut India split server cabinet doors.

Hulasi Metals has received approval from PGCIL [Power Grid Corporation of India] for supply of 19" communication / networking racks.  Deployment in PGCIL of 19" racks is valuable for Hulasi as  PGCIL is one of the leading companies in power transmission and distribution sector of India.

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