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Server Rack Features and Benefits
42U Server Rack

Server Rack Features and Benefits Server Rack Features and Benefits
Features and Benefits of Hanut "Airmax" Server Racks
Conformance Flexibility Protection Cable Mgmt Ease of use Aesthetics
    Lockable doors and side panels: Provide physical security and help prevent unauthorized access to your critical IT equipment. Doors and side panels are accessible with a single key. For increased security the key cannot be removed in open / unlocked position.
    Thermal Protection through front to back computer server grade ventilation: This is an essential requirement for rack mount servers. Hanut’s 'airmax' front and rear doors have large% of vent area for effective heat dissipation. Ventilated roof further facilitate heat removal.
    Stabilization Plate*: Greatly reduces the possibility of server cabinet tipping over while sliding out or removing servers for servicing or upgrading etc. (see accessories for enhanced protection).
Cable Management
    Integrated vertical channels: Only Hanut India server cabinet provides 4 integrated vertical channels that allow systematic and easy routing of data and power cables. In many case these integrated cable channels eliminate the need to buy separate vertical cable managers.
    Roof and Base Cable Access: Hanut 19" server cabinets have two cable access slots in bottom and top for routing the cables and cords.
    Short Rear Door*: The innovative short rear door, when used in place of standard full-length rear door, can further simplify cable routing to and from the server cabinet. As compared to cable routing through the cabinet base, cable routing through the short rear door is much easier.
    Comprehensive cable management accessories are offered to meet customers’ all cable management requirements and provide a systematic cable arrangement inside the Hanut server cabinets.
    Extra Depth of Hanut server cabinet (900mm Vs 800mm) permits more space in front and rear of the vertical mounting rails. This is recommended and/or required by many server manufacturers. The extra depth of server cabinet significantly enhances cable management.
    Fully adjustable mounting rails: In today’s fast changing world flexibility and adjustability are very important. Keeping this in mind, both the front and rear vertical mounting rail of Hanut server cabinet have been made fully adjustable. For more flexibility Hanut also provides extra pair of full length or half-length vertical rails*.
    Removable doors and quick release side panels are standard features.
    Server compatibility: Hulasi India is committed to ensuring that its Hanut server racks are compatible with rack-mount servers of all major server manufacturers such as Acer, Dell, Sun, Compaq, HP, IBM.
Ease of use
    Hanut server racks ship fully assembled. No need to learn mechanical engineering and spending hours putting the enclosure together (Yek!).
    Simple Coupling capabilities: Using coupling kit two or more Hanut server cabinets can be coupled together into a multi-bay configuration. This configuration increases stability and reduces the number of side panels required.
    Easy serviceability: Hanut server cabinets are ready for Dell’s VersaRails which allows IT personnel to glide servers and other IT equipment in and out of the rack. This makes installation and servicing of rack mount hardware quicker and easier as there is no need to remove the hardware from the rack or disconnecting any of the cables. Further both the front and rear door of the cabinet open 120 degrees or more allowing easy access to inside hardware.
    Mounting Hardware: a set of 20 screws, cage nuts, and washers come with each server cabinet. More equipment installation hardware can be ordered using server rack request for quote (RFQ) form.
    Marked U-mounting slots: Drastically reduces equipment mounting effort and time.
    Durable, textured and attractive powder coat finish gives Hanut server cabinets a modern look. Hanut India servers cabinets elegantly show case your servers and other IT equipment.
Warranty, Approvals and Conformance
    Hanut 19" server cabinets conform to Industry standard EIA 310-D specification.
Technical Specifications:
Server Rack Model 42U Rack  
Usable Space
1867 (42U)

available sizes: 18U, 22U, 27U, 32U, 36U, 42U, 45U, 47U

Overall* ( HxWxD)
2035 x 600 x 900
Net Weight
115 Kg
Shipping weight -
Max. load capacity (Static) 500 Kg
      1U = 44.45 mm
    Textured powder coat finish. standard color: RAL 7035 Light Grey
Hanut India server cabinets offer you the best value in terms of suitability for purpose, features and price.
* optional accessories / feature
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