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Products for Railways manufactured by Hulasi Metals, India

Railway signal and telecom applications
   * 19" floor standing racks for  MUX, STM,...; TMS racks

* 19" wall mount cabinets

* 19" open frame racks

* relay rack & CT cable termination racks [bare and fully assembled]

* base frames for outdoor cable junction boxes and transformers

* 19" rack mountable DCDB

* Indoor cable trays

* Outdoor cable trays

* railway station master reset counter box enclosure

* DRE box for metro rail

* Fiber loop boxes                    

* Staff Protection Key box with 3 position key lock switch

* Emergency Stop Plunger ESP box

* Emergency Stop Plunger ESP indication panel

* V type route indicator panel

* Hulasi make 19" floor standing racks are approved for deployment in DFCC.

* MLK racks

Formal approval from RDSO Lucknow received for use of Hulasi make racks in UFSBI project.

Order received for supply of relay racks for Railways EDFC EASTERN DEDICATED FREIGHT CORRIDOR project of DFCCIL India. https://posts.gle/4N4oG

Balise cable termination racks

TLC display cabinets for railway station platforms

19" rack mountable fibre fiber distribution management system FDMS as per RDSO specs. with capacity : 24 / 48 pig tails

Electrical panels for Railway stations & Railway sub stations in India

* single source DCDB

* dual source DCDB

* single source ACDB

* dual source ACDB with manual switch over

* dual source ACDB with Auto change over [ATS] 

* dual source ACDB with Auto change over [ATS] & Bypass

* ACDB as per CORE specifications 

* DCDB as per CORE specifications

* Switch Fuse Unit panels [SFU panels] for TSS [for Auxiliary Transformer]

* LV Junction Box for AT Stations [10kVA, 25kVA, 50kVA & 100kVA]

* Terminal Boards for SSP locations                        * CLS panels 300A

Video Display unit [VDU] for station master control rooms

Prominent users of Hulasi's products in India: 

Railtel , DFCC, Jaipur metro, Nagpur metro, Railway CORE electrification projects, almost all divisions of Railways like North Western Railways [NWR], ER, SR,...., L&T, Siemens, KEC,...

Hulasi is an approved supplier for electrical panels in DFCC, metro rail and CORE electrification projects of Indian Railways.

ACDB for Railways
                                              India                                                     telecom &
                                              signalling racks Indian

outdoor ACDB India
                                              Indian railways                                                        DCDB Railways India Indian

Indian railways India
                                              VDU video display unit  TLC display
                                              cabinet by Hulasi India

* Signal Number Plates for Railway Auto Signal, Main Signal, Dependent Shunt Signal

* Retro Reflective Sheets Railway Marker Boards for P, AG, A, C , G

* Boards with ISMC channel posts and  Retro Reflective Sheets for Absolute Block Territory and Automatic Block Territory , STOP board,
BSLB Board , Calling On etc.

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