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Products for Railways manufactured by Hulasi Metals, Jaipur

Railway signal and telecom applications
   * 19" floor standing racks for  MUX, STM,...

* 19" wall mount cabinets

* 19" open frame racks

* relay rack & CT racks [bare and fully assembled]

* 19" rack mountable DCDB

* Indoor cable trays

* Outdoor cable trays

* Fiber loop boxes

Electrical panels for Railway stations & Railway sub stations

* single source DCDB

* dual source DCDB

* single source ACDB

* dual source ACDB with manual switch over

* dual source ACDB with Auto change over [ATS] 

* dual source ACDB with Auto change over [ATS] & Bypass

* ACDB as per CORE specifications 

* DCDB as per CORE specifications

Video Display unit for stations

Prominent users of Hulasi's products in India: 

Railtel , DFCC, Jaipur metro, Nagpur metro, Railway CORE electrification projects, almost all divisions of Railways like North Western Railways [NWR], ER, SR,...., L&T, Siemens, ...

ACDB for Railways
                                              India                                                     telecom &
                                              signalling racks Indian

outdoor ACDB India
                                              Indian railways                                                        DCDB Railways India Indian

Indian railways India
                                              VDU video display unit

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