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Next Generation Hybrid APFC panel with Static Var Controller [SVC]

The Thyristor switched APFC panels have many advantages over the conventional contractor operated power factor correction panels [APFC panels].

But when the establishments have unbalanced loads and/or have grid tied solar roof top PV power plants, the Thyristor switched APFC panels are unable to maintain high power factors. As these APFC panels are unable to properly compensate for unbalanced kvar demands and incrementally changing kvar demands produced by the solar PV plants.

SOLUTION: Hulasi India has introduced next generation hybrid APFC panel with Static Var Controller [SVC] to achieve near unity power factor even in premises with unbalanced loads and/or incrementally changing VAR loads due to grid tied solar roof top PV power plants. The 5 kVAR / 10kVAR Static Var Controller [SVC] is able to manage these two issues in real time manner.

Contact us for next generation hybrid APFC panel with Static Var Controller [SVC].

Standard models of Hybrid APFC panel with Static Var Controller [SVC] by Hulasi

SVC-APFC Panel Model SVC-RT-55

Model rating

capacitor bank kVAr
5 x 1, 10 x 1, 20 x2
10 x 2, 20 x 4
12.5 x 2, 25 x 1, 50 x 3

Static Var Controller [SVC]
10kVAr 10kVAr
incomer MCCB rating

System voltage: 3 phase 415V -15% to +10%
Frequency: 50Hz +/- 3%
panel type: Indoor. Floor standing. IP41 level of protection against dust and water entry.
recommended operating temperature < 45 degree C

Options / optional accessories for Real Time APFC panel
* Thermostat for control of the exhaust fan
* Alarm Becon
* Unit for PF logging and USB port for connectivity with PC
* Detuned capacitor banks [additional harmonic filter reactors] for locations with high harmonics
* relay for remote alarm communication 

Hanut India can customize its hybrid APFC panels to meet yours / site's exact requirements.

For locations with slow changing loads Standard contractor operated APFC panels are also available. 

Hulasi's factory in Jaipur has unbalanced loads and incrementally changing VAR load due to solar PV power plant. Our previous power factor control panel was able to manage only .91 average power factor. But ever since installing the Hybrid APFC panel with 10kvar Static Var Controller [SVC], the power factor has been consistently over .95 

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