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Hanut India : Dust proof panels

Dust proof panels are a special type of purge panels.

Such panels are ideally suited for industrial applications [non hazardous locations only] where equipment, motor, control devices  etc. need to be protected from constant dust, moisture, fumes etc.

Good examples where such dust proof panels can be used would be cement plants, stone crushing plants, water treatment plants, chemical process plants etc.

Equipment housed inside these purge panels enjoy IP65 level of protection from dust and water.

Benefits of dust free panels:

Hanut India's dust proof enclosures can enable one to use general purpose equipment and/or standard enclosures in hazardous locations. These panels are smart alternative to using expensive special purpose enclosures and/or equipment.

Components of dust proof cabinet:

  1. Standardized or Customized IP55 Enclosure [internal volume less than 75 Cubic feet]
    e.g. cabinet of size 2200 x 800 x 800


  2. Purging [Pressurization] system


As standard visual and audible alarms are initiated when the protective pressure inside the enclosure falls below the minimum limit.

As an option automatic power control disconnect to the housed equipment can be provided.

Purge panels for non hazardous locations [dust proof panels] can be supplied in MS, SS 304 and SS316 material depending on the site conditions.

FOR hazardous locations use Hanut India's CMRI certificated Ex p panels. Details available here.

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