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Customized Products
Customized Products & Contract Manufacturing
Hanut (tm) is a brand owned by Hulasi Metals Pvt. Ltd., India (Hulasi).

Hulasi is one of the largest manufacturers of precision sheet metal products - enclosures / cabinets, racks, sub-racks, chassis and related parts - for telecom, power electronics and IT industries in India.

Hulasi specializes in customized products manufacturing and contract fabrication of high precision sheet metal parts. Customized products include electronic, electrical, telecom enclosures. See a list and pictures of custom fabricated sheet metal items.

Company’s sales engineers spend a lot of time in understanding and analyzing the customers’ requirements and specifications with the aim of offering products that meet &/or exceed customers’ requirements and expectations.

Over a period of time the company has gained expertise in prototyping and new product development. Leading CAD and CAM software packages are used in production and new product development.
Manufacturing facility
  hulasi has 5 cnc
                                                  punching machine.
                                                  murata Japan picture
   two 2048TS machines
                                              Hulasi Jaipur INDIA CNC

November 2022 : Hulasi Metals Jaipur is pleased to announce the successful commissioning of one more CNC punching machine : 2048TS model of Murata Japan. This additional punching m/c will greatly augment Hulasi Metals's sheet metal processing capacity.
Sheet Metal Processing Capacity ~ 1500 Tons/Year

Quality & Human Resources
  Company’s manufacturing process and quality management system is ISO 9001: 2015 certified.

People at Hulasi are always looking for ways to provide more value and high quality sheet metal products to its customers.

The company has invested in plant and metal fabrication machinery, employee training and continuous improvement (CI) program
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