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Hanut India: manufacturer of outdoor telecom enclosures

Hanut India outdoor enclosures [cabinets] provide reliable and long term protection to installed IT, electrical, electronics and telecommunication equipment through rugged design and usage of high quality raw materials.

Hanut India outdoor enclosures are being used by leading telecom operators in India like BSNL & Aircel. Outdoor cabinets [mini RTU panels, marshalling cabinets] have been successfully deployed in Middle East also.

Outdoor panels manufactured by Hulasi Metals Jaipur have been deployed on pan India basis.

Vietnam, Bahrain, Jordan, Myanmar,... are other countries where outdoor enclosures made by Hulasi India have been directly / indirectly exported / deployed.

In August 2008 the company executed an outdoor telecommunication cabinet order worth approx. US$1 million in record time.

Outdoor enclosures are available with up to IP65 dust and water protection rating.

Hanut India has expertise in manufacturing Outdoor racks for telecommunication equipment.
See PDF document for details.

Innovative accessory: COOL paint
As an option Hulasi offers outdoor racks with a final coat of imported COOL PAINT. The COOL PAINT is a highly reflective paint which significantly reduces the solar heat load of the outdoor cabinet. Customers can realize big savings through reduced size (hence capital investment) of the cooling equipment and reduction in operating costs of the cabinet's cooling equipment by opting for cool paint.

Innovative cooling system

By providing positive pressure forced ventilation cooling system Hulasi can ensure to a higher degree that only filtered air enters the outdoor cabinet than conventional forced cooling system .


Hulasi can now offer semi outdoor battery cabinets in space saving modular flat pack design.
Protection level IP41
Hulasi can offer DOUBLE WALLED outdoor cabinets also.

DOUBLE WALLED cabinets are better to protect the housed equipment from the outside climate. Air insulation [standard] or insulating foam can be provided between the double walls.

See pictures of a double walled outdoor cabinet below. 
double skin outdoor
double skin outdoor
                                              cabinet India

Hulasi can offer panel air conditioner [panel AC] cooled outdoor cabinets in India also.

Outdoor cabinets with panel AC can keep the equipment housed inside cooler than the outside. 

In outdoor cabinets with forced air cooling or with heat exchangers this cannot be achieved.

Outdoor cabinets with panel AC also offer higher protection to housed telecom and IT equipment from outside dirt and pollutants since direct contact with outside air is absent.

See pictures of a double walled outdoor cabinet below. 
Outdoor rack with
                                              panel air conditioner
                                              India        Outdoor enclosure
                                              with panel AC India

Heat exchanger [HEX] cooled outdoor cabinets in India

Hulasi offers IP54 rated DC48V operated rugged industrial grade outdoor heat exchanger.

Outdoor cabinets with this kind of high quality heat exchanger can keep the equipment housed inside cool without exposing the equipment to outside environment [dust & mositure]. In HEX cooled cabinets the direct contact of inside equipment with outside air is absent.

We can supply outdoor IP55 rated cabins [outdoor cabinets] with dual panel air conditioners as per NTPC / NTPC-SAIL POWER EQMS station tender specifications to house the Analyser, Data Acquisition System, Data Communication System etc, .

2019: Pleased to share that Bihar State Power Transmission Company Ltd has approved Hulasi Metals Jaipur for supply of outdoor IP55 rated Fiber Optic Distribution Panels [FODP]. Hulasi Metals Jaipur India is going to supply the outdoor Distribution Panels to BSPTCL Bihar India.

Fan trays Hanut
                                              India    Hanut India DC 48V
                                              fan tray

DC 48V fan trays with fan failure alarm cards

Up to 9 DC48V fans can be monitored by the fan failure alarm card.

On failure or fall in RPM below a pre set value of one or more fans - local and remote alarms get activated.

fan failure alarm card with dual / redundant power supply is also available.   

Fan trays with AC 220V fans are also available in panel mountable and 19" rack mountable versions.   


option is now available to extend the local alarms like the door open, smoke, high temperature, fan failure alarm,...  to remote control center via RS 485 modbus interface.

RS485 modbus interface cards
with 4 alarm channels and 8 alarm channels are now offered by Hulasi India.

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