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Hulasi has provided a 2500A capacity AC combiner [ACCB] panel for a MW scale solar power plant in Rajasthan. Panel is having a 2500A ACB and 10 input MCCBs of 250A each.

Hulasi is pleased to announce that it now has type test certificate
from CPRI Bhopal for 2000A LT panel as per IS 8623. 36kA for 1 sec short circuit withstand capability.

Hanut India ACDB AC
                                              distribution panels   three phase AC 440V
                                              panels India    LT panel by Hanut

Hanut India
                                                      PCC panel picture
            outdoor ACDB
                                                        panel IP55 with
                                                        double door


Hanut India : offers Low voltage ACDB, LT panels and DCDB panels. 

Hulasi offers customized low voltage AC distribution panels, LT panels and DC distribution panels in India for Indoor and Outdoor installations. 

In addition to panels with protection class I, panels with protection class II [insulated] can be provided by Hulasi.

ACDB, LT panels and DCDB panels can be fabricated in mild steel, stainless steel, Aluminum and thermoplastic [poly carbonate, FRP].

For outdoor installations ACDB, LT panels and DCDB can be provided with IP54, IP55 and IP65 level of protection against dirt and water.

Electrical standards followed include Indian and international standards like IS 8623, IEC 60529.

Only branded and IS marked electrical items like MCB, MCCBs, Ammeters, Voltmeters, contractors, switches etc. are used in panels fabricated by Hulasi India.

2020: Hulasi has received vendor approval for supply of electrical panels in Rajasthan RUDSICO 's project.
This project is part of ATAL MISSION FOR REJUVENATION AND URBAN TRANSFORMATION             ( AMRUT ) and under government of Rajasthan.

2020: Short circuit withstand capability successfully type tested at 50kA/1sec as per IEC 61439 standard.

May 2012: Hulasi is now registered directly with GAIL for supply of LT electrical panels and junction boxes. Company has received 1st Purchase Order from GAIL India.

Customers: Schneider Electric, Lanco, GAIL, GTL, Shreeram Cement, ZTE, Spanco, Urmul Dairy, ....

End users: BSNL, MTNL, Birla Cement, Airtel, ....

Please contact us with your requirements of AC distribution panels, LT panels and DC distribution panels in India.

ACDB sample pictures
 Hanut India ACDB AC
                                              distribution panel   Hanut India ACDB AC
                                              distribution panels   ACDB
                                              panel India
                                              India pictures  AC panels India  single phase AC 220V
                                              panels India three phase AC 440V
                                              panels India     customized AC panels
                                              India  MCC panel India
                                              Hulasi Rudsico

DCDB sample pictures

DCDB by Hanut India  DCDB with trip
                                              indication Hanut IndiaDC distribution panel
rack mountable DC
                                              panel India  DCDB Hanut India  DCDB panel for
High current DC fuse
                                              panel India  High current DC fuse
                                              panel India                                                     TOP      

DCDB with MCB trip alarm feature - local and remote alarm [via potential free alarm contact] is also available.

LT Panels by Hanut India

LT panel by Hanut
                                              India   AC LT panel by Hanut
                                              India  meter panel telecom
                                              shelter India
meter cum
                                              distribution panel india  LT panel with SPD and
                                              change over India  LT meter panel India
panel for fuses  LT panel India  LT meter panel India

MCCB Junction Box
                                              India MCCB Junction Box

MCCB Junction Box

Feeder Pillars

Feeder pillars manufactured by Hanut India have been installed on pan India basis as well as exported to middle east.

Hanut India can supply Feeder pillars for Indoor use and for Outdoor use.

Pictures shown below are of floor standing IP54 rated Feeder pillar and of wall mount type IP65 rated feeder pillar box.

Like other products offered by Hanut India Feeder pillars can also be customized as per customer's specifications.

feeder pillar OUTDOOR
                                              by Hanut India

IP54 feeder pillar by
                                              Hanut India

                                              FEEDER PILLAR CONTROL BOX
                                              TYPE FEEDER PILLAR BOX

DC 220V distribution panels with auto fail over feature

DC 220V distribution panel

DC 220V distribution panels for industrial battery chargers , sub station control supply,... are now manufactured by Hulasi India.

DC220V DCDB's components like DC 220V contractors, MCCBs, SFUs, fuses are sourced from top /reputed manufacturers like ABB, L&T, C&S...

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Hulasi offers power distribution panels ACDBs for demanding applications where high availability / high up time [uptime] are a must.

Hulasi Metals, Jaipur manufactures and supplies 'make to order' / customized power distribution panels for high availability / high up time [uptime] industrial applications. Two main types.

1) power distribution panel with ATS
ACDBs with ATS [auto transfer switch] successfully deployed in Indian Railways network and in Airport.

2) power distribution panel ACDB with ATS & bypass
ATS [auto transfer switch] with bypass provision deployed in Indian Railways. In case of problem with ATS the ACDB can be operated in the manual / bypass mode thus enabling high uptime.

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