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6U & 12U Wallmount Cabinets

Comparison chart: Hanut 2@1 wall mount cabinets v/s others
  Use this simple product comparison chart to judge the various wall mount cabinets in terms of features and benefits.
Feature Hanut 2@1 wall mount cabinet Generic wall mount cabinet
Depth 500mm
450mm or less
Width 600mm 550mm
4U to 18U Yes No
Lockable Side access doors Yes No
Louvers on sides (allow air flow but restrict dust entry Yes No. Some have simple slots which allow dust to enter the cabinet.
Vented top & proper provision for exhaust fan kit Yes No
Exhaust fan kit takes cabinet U space No. Saves U space for equipment mounting. (A major saving!!!) Yes. Consumes valuable U space.
Proper provision for grounding Yes No
Smooth rubber lined cable routing holes Yes No
Floor & table top installation capable Yes No
Quality assurance: ISO 9001 Yes No
Comprehensive product website Yes (www.hanut-india.com) No
Equipment mounting hardware set included with cabinet Yes (for FREE) No
Toughened glass front door x Yes No
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  Hanut 2@1 wall mount cabinets offer you the best value in terms of features & benefits and prices.
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