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Installation Guide
6U & 12U Wallmount Cabinets

Installation Instructions
Homework / Initial Preparation:
  Customers should install the wall mount cabinets only on walls that are strong enough to bear the weight of the wall mount cabinets and the equipment and cables that are going to be installed in the cabinets. For fixing the wall mount cabinets to the wall, the installation hardware provided with the Hanut 2@1 wall mount cabinets should be used only after confirming that the hardware is suitable for the wall.

We recommend that customers take the services of a qualified technician for / during the installation of the wall mount cabinets.

1. Use the "hole marking template" to mark the locations of 4 holes on the wall.
2. At each marked location drill a hole that is 10mm in diameter and 7cm deep.
3. In each hole install the supplied special wall mounting screw.
a. Insert the screw in the hole. Leave the nut and the treaded portion of the screw outside the hole.
b. Take off the nut from the screw.
c. Hit the needle so that it goes completely inside the screw.
d. The wall mounting screw should now be firmly fixed to the wall.
4. Hang the Hanut 2@1 wall mount cabinet on the 4-screws. Put the nuts back on the screws and tighten to secure the wall mount cabinet.
  The wall mount cabinet should now be ready for use.
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