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Enclosure Accessories
Server Cabinet Accessories

Accessories supplement the 19" server cabinet in enhancing the security, serviceability, manageability and reliability of mounted servers and other IT hardware.

In addition to all commonly required accessories like fixed shelf, power distribution unit etc., Hulasi offers many special accessories for server cabinets e.g. – anti-earthquake kit, KVM / console switch etc. to best meet its customers’ requirements.

Hulasi India is committed to offering improved and/or new server cabinet accessories

Shelves (Fixed, Sliding, Heavy Duty Fixed shelf, Utility Drawer, modem shelf, cable extension arm,…) Power Distribution & Management (Grounding kit, Horizontal PDU, Rack-mount UPS systems…)
Thermal Management (Blanking panels, Exhaust fan kit) Baying Kit  
Cable Management (Horizontal Cable managers, Cable ties, …) Miscellaneous Accessories
(Small foot-print keyboard, Interior light, Mounting Hardware…)
Security & Stabilization (Stabilizer plate, bolt down bracket kit, dead-weight, …) Remote Management (KVM switches, Remote Power-On)

New additions in 2017  

Hulasi India Server racks can now be provided with electromagnetic locks for access
control. electromagnetic locks can be operated via RFID cards and/or
numeric keypads. Hulasi uses RFID card readers & keypads of top branded companies.
Hulasi can now provide IoT enabled AC power distribution units with its server racks and telecom cabinets. These IP PDUs can be monitored and controlled over the TCP/IP [LAN / WAN] network. Web based application is provided for monitoring and controlling these IP PDUs.Contact us for more information.


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