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Security & Stabilization
Security & Stabilization
Server Cabinet
  Stabilizer Option Kit: provides anti-tip protection while sliding out server and other IT hardware from the server cabinet. The stabilizing plate can be easily attached to the front or rear of the cabinet’s base. For increased cabinet stability and security, the plate can be bolted to the floor. Easy to use and quick setting cement kit is available (order separately).
    Ballast (dead-weight) kit:
When used along with the stabilizer kit, the ballast kit improves front-to-back mechanical stability of the server cabinet. Ballast kit is especially recommended for lightly loaded server cabinets (server cabinets with less than 100 kg of installed components) and in server cabinets where heavy equipment is routinely installed, removed or slided out of the server cabinet.
    Bolt-Down Brackets Kit: provides permanent and all-round stability to the cabinet. The brackets must be bolted to the floor. Easy to use and quick setting cement kit is available for this purpose (order separately).
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