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Benefits of SPLIT door
Presenting airmax split server cabinet doors

New Airmax split door

Airmax single section door

Generic glass door


Even more space saving in 800mm wide networking cabinets.

More server cabinets for unit area
space saved ~ 1.6 ft.  

Features & benefits comparison table
  glass door Airmax doors Airmax split doors
Provide front to back server grade ventilation No
No or very low perforated area
64% perforated area
64% perforated area
Strength, rough & tough No Yes Yes
Space saving No No Yes
Need for exhaust fan kit for air circulation in the server cabinets Yes No need (saving of Rs. 2500/cabinet/year!!!) No need (saving of Rs. 2500/cabinet/year!!!)
  glass door: glass door with/or without perforations.
  To know how Hanut (tm) Airmax (tm) single section and split server rack doors can save you Rs. 2500 per server rack per year, please contact us.
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