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 Dear visitor:

Hanut India offers heavy gauge high quality 19" server racks for keeping hi end servers and routers.

Please fill this form or send your server rack configuration to  info @@ hulasi.com .

We will then send the offer to you promptly.

To know the features & benefits offered by Hanut India 19" server racks you can visit the server rack's main page.

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Server cabinet height (fill quantity):
Server Cabinet Height: 42U 22U Other U
Depth: 600 mm 800 mm 900 mm 1000 mm
Weidth: 600 mm 800 mm

Basic Frame w leveling Feet:

4 pillars, Top & Bottom covers, 2 pairs of mounting
rails and leveling feet. (Recommended)
Basic Frame w Castors: Base Frame with heavy duty, adjustable height castors
in place of leveling feet.
Side Panel None
For one side
For both sides
Front Door None
Vented glass door
'airmax' Fully Vented Steel mesh door (Recommended)
Rear Door None
'airmax' Short rear door (fully vented) (Recommended)
'airmax' Fully length door (fully vented)
Plain steel door

Shelves: Thermal Management:
Std. Fixed Shelf Blanking panel kit
Heavy Duty Fixed Shelf Roof mount fan exhaust kit(w 2 fans)
Sliding Shelf Roof mount fan exhaust kit(w 4 fans)
Mini sliding shelf for Keyboard Only exhaust fan(without fan tray)
Equipment support angles (pair) Remote Management:
Anti-skid equipment ties (set of 2) KVM switch (1 console x 8 ports)
Utility Drawer (3U) KVM switch (1 console x 4 ports)
Cantilever Shelf 10 deep KVM cable set
Cable Management: Baying Kit
1U Patch Cord Organizer Power Distribution & Management:
Horizontal Cable Manager 1U Horizontal 6 socket PDU (1100W) 2U
Cable ties (set of 20) Vertical 12 socket PDU (2200W)
Vertical cable channel Vertical 18 socket PDU (3300W)
Security & Stability: Grounding/Earthling kit
Bolt down bracket kit Misc. Accessories:
Stabilization plate Mounting hardware set
Ballast (dead weight) Kit Small footprint Keyboard
Friction pad Wireless Keyboard w integrated mouse
Anti-skid equipment tie  
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We can customize the server cabinets to best meet your requirements. Please write your comments / instructions / special requirements (if any) here:

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