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Hanut India Industrial Enclosures


Industrial enclosures India Industrial enclosures India     RTU panel IP54 India                            

Hanut India Industrial Enclosures
The rugged and versatile Hanut India Industrial Enclosures are suitable for housing electrical, industrial automation, telecommunications and IT equipment.

Hanut India Industrial Enclosures can provide up to IP54 level of protection against water, external objects and dust.

Industrial cabinets are available in 600mm and 800mm widths. By joining [baying] two cabinets customers can obtain cabinet systems of 1200mm, 1400mm, 1600mm widths.

Hanut India can fully customize the Industrial Cabinets to meet customers' special requirements.

Apart from private sector companies Hulasi has supplied electrical panels [control & relay panels] to public sector companies like NTPC and NHPC as a sub vendor.


Salient features of Hanut India Industrial Enclosures

Extremely rugged frame structure built from MIG welding of multi folded 2mm thick MS profiles

Easily expandable enclosure system: by using the inexpensive baying kit customers can join multiple industrial cabinets side ways to meet their future requirements.

Highly secure enclosure: Hanut India industrial enclosures provide security against unauthorized access owing to features like hidden [internal] steel hinges and three point locking on the doors. Using optional accessories like locks with pad locking provision, tamper resistant screws etc. enclosure security can be further increased.

Component mounting plate ['C' plate] has high strength and rigidity due to thick gauge and multiple bends. The Component mounting plate is fully adjustable along the depth of the electrical panel.

Greater flexibility and space utilization is possible in Hanut industrial enclosures as the equipment can be installed on sides also using the depth channels.

A wide variety of options and accessories are available to meet customers varied requirements. Please see the list of options and accessories given below.

A wide variety of IT, telecom, automation, and process control equipment can be installed in the industrial cabinets by using the 19” equipment mounting rails.

Extended IP protection: Export quality EPDM gasket used in the Hanut India electrical panel provide reliable and extended protection against dust and water entry.

Easier equipment installation: during equipment installation and maintenance side, top & bottom panels and doors of the electrical panel can be easily removed and then reinstalled by the end user.                                TOP


options and accessories

Heavy duty component mounting plate ['C' plate]
Toughened glass viewing window
Document pocket
Door stopper
High security [tamper resistant] screws for sides and top panels
Swing lock with pad lock mounting provision
Filtered ventilation unit
Customized cut outs on doors, 'C' plate etc.
Baying kit
CFL light
Door limit switch                                                                                                                                 


Standard scope of supply [BOM]
Welded frame
100mm high base platform
Bolted side panels
Plain steel front door with three point locking
Plain steel rear door with three point locking
Bolted top plate
Bolted bottom gland plate
Depth channels
Lifting eye bolts [set of 4]
SS studs for enclosure grounding
Finish: powder coated RAL 7032 Siemens Grey                                                                                        TOP


Standard sizes [External dimensions in mm]

Height: 1800, 2000

Width: 600, 800

Nominal Depth : 600, 800 [excluding the doors]

Depth D1: 650, 850 [including the doors]

Hanut India also offers Duplex panel, Simplex panel, feeder panel, transformer protection panel, OUTDOOR panels for RTU.
Electrical & automation panel installations at IOCL Baroda, NTPC, Nepal electricity, R. K. Electric Automation, Shree Cement, NHPC Kargil, Assam electricity, DSK Sugar,...

  Simplex type Control & Relay Panel
Hanut India simplex control panel
 Outdoor RTU panel


Hanut India also offers electrical panels with panel meters, test terminal blocks, LEDs, relays, fuses, bus bars etc. installed and completely wired.

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