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Extruded Aluminum Profile Constructed Racks
Hanut India: Aluminum profile construction 19 inch; rack   Hanut India: Racks of extruded Aluminum profile frames   Hanut India: Aluminum racks have light weight yet strong and rigid frame   Click to get large view   toughened tinted glass front door: Hanut India Aluminum profile constructed racks  
Aluminium Profile
Construction 19" Rack
  Racks of Extruded
Aluminium Profile Frames
  Aluminium Rack   Aluminium Rack   Aluminium Rack  
lockable and removable side panels: Hanut India aluminum profile rack                  
Aluminium Rack                  
  Hanut India: Extruded Aluminum Profile Constructed Racks

Hanut India [now] offers ETSI racks and 19" racks of extruded Aluminum profile construction.

These Aluminum profile constructed racks will complement Hanut India's welded sheet metal racks.

Material of construction
Basic frame: Extruded Aluminum Profile construction
Side panels: 1.2mm CRCA sheet steel with reinforcing ribs
Doors: 1.6mm CRCA sheet steel
Toughened glass: 4mm+ thick
Fixed shelf and keyboard shelf: 1.6mm CRCA sheet steel

Advantages & Benefits of Aluminum profile constructed racks over welded mild steel constructed racks

Aluminum profile constructed racks are significantly lighter in weight than welded mild steel constructed racks. In spite of light
weight Aluminum racks have similar strength, rigidity and weight bearing capacities. Light weight makes Aluminum profile constructed
racks more suitable for data centers with raised floors.

Aluminum profile constructed racks can be shipped in completely knocked down condition (CKD) whereas welded steel racks cannot.
Substantial saving in freight is possible when several racks are shipped in CKD form against in fully assembled condition.

Superior resistance against corrosion is offered by Aluminum profile constructed racks. This is the reason behind higher
Aluminum profile constructed racks installation in wet costal cities of India.

Drawbacks of Aluminum profile constructed racks in comparison with welded mild steel constructed racks

Expensive: extruded Aluminum profile constructed racks are 15% or more costly.

Longer lead time: At Hanut India the order to dispatch time for Aluminum profile constructed racks is 10 business days.
For welded mild steel 19" racks and ETSI racks lead time is only 03 business days.

Limited size and options: Aluminum profile constructed racks are available only in 42U height (in case of 19" racks) and
2200mm height (in case of ETSI racks). Against this mild steel welded racks are available from 15U to 48U height.
Also customized and non 19" racks are also offered in welded steel construction.


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