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Hanut India : Automatic 3 phase sequence correction panel

automatic phase
                                                  sequence correction

Hulasi make 3 phase Automatic Phase Sequence Corrector (Delux_APSC) Panel provides comprehensive  production against  incorrect phase sequence, voltage unbalancing, phase failure, under and over voltages.

The Hulasi make 3 phase Automatic Phase Sequence Corrector (APSC) Panel can be used in safe running of 3 phase UPS, elevators, lifts, air-conditioners, motors and many other 3 phase systems.

These Automatic Phase Sequence Corrector are advanced versions of old fashioned 'single phase preventer' , 'under voltage trip unit' etc.

Key Features of Automatic Phase Sequence Corrector (Delux_APSC) Panel :

3 Phase sequence Monitoring

Phase failure monitoring

Automatic Phase sequence correction activated

Automatic Phase sequence correction can be deactivated

Phase unbalance, under voltage, over voltage threshold adjustable

ON delay and OFF delay selectable and adjustable

Protects against short cycling
Protects against phase unbalancing

Protects against phase loss

Protects against under and over voltages

Indications for R Y B phase

[Optional] correction panel can provide interrupted neutral monitoring

[Optional] correction panel can provide protection against over current and short circuit

The Hulasi India make 3 phase Automatic Phase Sequence Corrector (APSC) Panel can be customized  as per the load rating.

Hulasi's standard APSC model "Std_APSC panel" that only corrects the phase sequence is also available.

BIG Problem:

XXX Towers Sector - 56, Gurgaon 122011 is a condomonium of 19 high rise buildings with 1000 flats. They have DG sets AMF panels for power backup. But unfortunately when HUDA [grid] power supply is resumed, the phase sequence of the supply is often revered and all their three phase motors get affected badly.

Simple Solution:

Automatic phase sequence correction panel from Hanut India

June 2016:  Hulasi has received repeat order from an MNC for supply of Automatic Phase Sequence Corrector panels [APSC] for use with their large 3phase industrial UPSs.

Hulasi APSC panel vs the competition

In conventional APSC panels during startup wrong contractor gets ON
for a small instance after that the right contractor gets ON. In many
situations and for many equipment power with reverse phase sequence
for even this small time is hazardous.

In new Hulasi APSC panels we have used special timers to overcome this
problem. In Hulasi APSC panels at all times only the right contractor
is ON and hence only the right phase sequence is supplied to the
connected equipment.

This advantage [feature] of Hulasi APSC panels is worth considering.
This feature is worth the small premium in price.

three phase motor
                                                  protection relay

Hanut India : Three phase motor protection relay panel

The standard three phase motor protection relay panel [Std_MPR] protects the connected 3 phase equipment like AC motor, lift, UPS, three phase pump, air conditioner against phase [failure] loss, phase unbalance and phase sequence reversal.  

In case of fault the three phase motor protection relay panel protects the equipment by breaking the power supply to the equipment.

Panel can be set to auto restart or to manual restart mode.

[Delux_MPR] Delux three phase motor protection relay panel which provides additional protection against over and under voltage also is available.

The relay used are microprocessor based and CE marked.

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